Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thanksgiving in Florida

I love taking plane rides. Here I am flying down to Florida.

It was so sunny in FL, here I am shopping at Publix.

Daddy played a lot of golf but at least I got to see him a few times on the course.

I was so lucky to see Aunt Allison twice in one month but I don't like her shirt. :)

While I was in Florida, I was baptized!

Here is everyone that was at church during my baptism.

Happy Thanksgiving! We had so much fun making hats.
I was a little indian with a feather in my hat.

My parents were pilgrams.

Yummy food!

I was so tired after all that food.
I love hanging out with Papa.
Nana is feeding me bananas for the first time, yummy.
I liked working with Nana.

These walks wear me out.

I enjoyed taking walks with Grandpa.

These crocs taste good, you should try them.

I loved swimming in the spool with Daddy.

I was lucky to get a massage from Aunt Tamara.

My uncle Stephen is so funny.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Warm and Toasty

Here I am in my sweatsuit that Marta's parents gave me. It's so warm and toasty. Thanks!

Look at me, I can stand!

I always have to move my feet.

Daddy was upset with another Michigan loss but I had fun hanging out with Daddy.

I love our couch at the lakehouse, it makes me so sleepy.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

I'm 6 Months Old!

Look how big I am, I can grab my feet!

Just relaxing!

What Mom?

Daddy took me to Gymboree last week, we had so much fun playing!

It's getting so cold, I love to bundle up in my carseat.

I love Henry the Hippo, Thanks Jessica.

Dinner wore me out!

Monday, November 12, 2007

First Meal

This weekend I ate my first meal, rice cereal. At first I was not excited to try it.

But after a while, I really got into it. I wanted to hold the bowl and chew on the spoon.


I'm such a big boy sitting in this rocking chair.

Look, now I can Skype in my new high chair.

I think I like this eating thing but I have to hold onto the dish.

Daddy, this is good!

First Snow and Deer

This weekend was the first time I saw snow and deer. Can you see the deer Daddy and I are looking at?
I enjoyed watching the snow fall.

Here is our view of the lake.

Look how pretty the trees were.

What else is there to do on a snowy day but watch football.

Our family was sad since Michigan and FSU lost.

Go Noles!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Matthew's first trip to Atlanta

We went to Atlanta last weekend to meet the Johnson's and baby Graham, the Park twins and to see Allison. Matthew had a great time hanging out with the older kids. Matthew rolled over from his back to his belly for the first time at the Johnson's house. Mommy was very excited! Matthew also enjoyed the plane ride.

Who's going to sit next to us?
Aunt Allison with Matthew and Carter!
Aunt Amy got Matthew to roll over from his back to his belly for the first time!!

Amy and baby Graham!

Matthew really liked playing with Cosby.

Matthew loved talking to Carter.