Saturday, August 25, 2012

4th of July

Don't I look like Daddy sleeping? 
 Here's our friend Gavin at the playground. Mommy took us to get slurpees and to the playground. 
 Nathan loves the swings. 
 We went to our friend's house to celebrate the 4th. Here we are catching fireflies. 
 Daddy helped me catch a few fireflies. 
 The girls love Nathan. Here's Molly, Paige and Ben with Nathan.
 Daddy ran a 5K the morning of the 4th of July.
 Here's Nathan's first bagel.
 We went hiking on the 4th and here's my puppy Tyler. 
 Here we are at another 4th of July party. The kids love feeding Nathan.
 Here are the boys, waiting for our turn on the swings. 
 Lena and Nathan! Lena loves baby Nathan and always wants to hold him. 
 Tyler went with the kids to see the fireworks, Nathan and I were too tired. 
 Nathan's first taste of watermelon. 
 Go Seminoles!
 After the 4th of July, we all came down with the hand, foot, mouth disease. It was awful. 
 Playing dress up!
 Hanging out at Home Depot for some good air conditioning. 
 7-11's free slurpee day! Bram and Russell came with us. 
 We had fun playing at the playground after the slurpees. 
 Tyler and Nathan got to go to the playground twice a week when I was in speech at Jefferson school during the summer. 
 More swinging. 
 Happy boy.
 We found a new playground that we love. 
 Look at those teeth. 
 Daddy went to India for 2 weeks. Mommy was brave enough to take us all to church!
 While Daddy was in India our apartment had a leak so we had to go and let the plumber into the apartment. Here we are hanging out in the hallway while the guys work. 
 We got to walk to the water and see NYC but it was over 100 degrees out so we didn't stay out long.
 Yo yo yo, sleepy boy.

End of June

Nathan is always so happy!
 Nate and Ty hanging out together in the tunnel.
 Funny Guy!
 Here's Ty and Nate watching TV. 
 We were so lucky this year to see the Park's from Georgia. 
 Avery and Connor and their parents took a cruise out of NJ so we got to spend one night with them. We had a great time going out for ice cream. 

Last Day of School and Ocean City

It's my last day of Pre-K! 
 Nathan and Tyler were waiting for me to come home on the bus. 
 Here's Tyler waiting for the bus.
 I'm going to miss my favorite bus driver, Pierre. 
 Daddy took a day off of work and we drove to Ocean City for the day.
 This was Nathan's first time in Ocean City. 
 Mommy's cousins were there so we go to play with the Ralston's and Smith's. 
 Bobby and Brenda came up from Florida and we got to meet their son Zachary. 
 Uncle Bill had to do exercises with his foot so we helped him. 
 He had to pick up marbles with his toes, so we helped with that exercise too. 
 There are a lot of birthdays that we missed so we got to celebrate with everyone. 
 The kids loved the cake and ice cream. 
 Hanging out with our cousins after the beach.
 Here I am helping Uncle Bill cross the street because he hurt his foot.
 The whole family hit the boardwalk.
 I liked pulling Ty, Abby and Zachary.
 Billy and Abby showing us the way to the rides. 
 Train ride!
 Helicopter ride with Abby and Reed.
 Bumber cars with Reed!
 Katie was so sweet to take care of us. 
 Nathan's first taste of Kohr's Bros Ice Cream!
 Here he is looking for where the ice cream went. 
 Nate was not happy when the ice cream was gone. 
We had a great time in Ocean City with our cousins. We can't wait to go back!