Saturday, June 23, 2012


Nathan looking so handsome!
 We went to High Point NJ State Park on our way home from the lakehouse. 
 The view was beautiful and we loved walking around.
 We had a few injuries. A handicap door opened quickly and hit Ty in the head and then I walked into a branch and scratched my face. 
 Can't believe we both had injuries to our face at the same time. 
 Tyler looking funny in Mommy's sunglasses. 
 This was Nate's first time riding in the front of the card. He loved being out of his car seat. 

 This picture was taken after swim practice. We were all exhausted but Mom got us all in the house. 

Nathan crawling on the beach

Ocean Grove, NJ Mother's Day 2012

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Great weather in April

We had such great weather in April, we went to the beach one day. 
 We went to Ocean Grove, NJ. 
 Nathan loved the sand. 
 It was sunny but kind of chilly. 
 Tyler kept his pants and sweatshirt on the entire time. He cried when we had to leave and he was covered in sand. 
 On our way back to the car after ice cream I was freezing. Daddy let me wear his vest. 
 One day we had Isabella and AJ over at our house. It was so warm we got out the hose. We were covered in mud by dinner time. 
 Nathan started sitting up by himself. 
 He started teething so he loved chewing on a cold carrot. 
 Look at Nathan's silly face. 
 Dairy Queen is open for the season!!
 We love ice cream!
 Tyler can't get enough ice cream.
 Nate sucking that lower lip again, so silly.
 Who do I look like? Justin Bieber? I think it's time for a hair cut. 
 Yup, we got hair cuts! 

March 2012 - Friends and Easter Bunnies

Nathan's best friend, Casey
 More best friends, Ty and Daniel, Nathan wasn't too happy to have the brothers in his picture.
 Cat in the Hat is in the van!
 We were so excited to see the Easter Bunny.
 Nathan wasn't so happy to see the bunny.
 Ty and I love playing hide and seek, can you see us?
 We got to see the Easter bunny a lot this year! Here we are at Maplewood's Easter Egg hunt.
 Here's our hospital, I'm the doctor, Ty's the nurse. 
 Happy Nathan! 

 Playground in PA.
 While hiking in NY I fell and scraped my nose.
 We went to another Easter Egg hunt at the lakehouse. 

 Tyler and Nathan were dressing up.