Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nathan's second steps

He is so proud of himself. 

Nathan's first steps

Here's Nate's first steps.

Nathan's Standing

Nathan started standing on his own and took his first steps at the same time. Of course he did this when Daddy, Tyler and I were not there. He was 12 months old.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Hail to the Victors

At the Michigan game, I really liked singing the fight song. This is at the end of the game. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Apple Picking

We got so lucky to go apple picking with the Dunsmore's. 
 Will picked the biggest Jonagold apple. These are our new favorite apple.
 Sweet baby Ellie slept through the entire trip.
 We each got wagons to use to pick our apples. 
 Tara and Mommy with their babies. 
 Nathan loved the apples. See how much he ate already. 
 Look at this handsome guy. 
 We bought $30 worth of apples and it was worth every penny. We loved them.

School work and costumes

I learned to write the number 2!!
 Mom made me a parking lot with some of my sight words. I love playing this game.
 We got our Halloween costumes early. I can't wait. 

 Yes, the angry bird gets a lightsaber too. 
 Nathan wasn't crazy about his costume. 

Grand Old Flag

We sing Your a Grand Old Flag every day at school. 

Ty and Nate playing

September 2012

Look Tyler wrote his name! We were so proud of him!
 Howdy Cowboy Nathan!
 Our neighbor Abraham goes to school with us every morning. Here we are walking to school. 
 We had some beautiful days where we went to the park. 
 Then the weather got a little cooler, here's another walk to school. 
Here's Nathan's first oreo. 
 At first he wasn't sure what to do with it. 
 Then he LOVED it! 

Ty's first Michigan Football Game

We made a quick weekend trip to Michigan to take Tyler to his first Michigan football game.
 I loved the sky writing, Go Blue! 
 Tyler loved the crowds.
 We were so excited that Grandpa cam with us. 

 Here I am conducting the Michigan marching band.
 Crazy Tyler!

 We loved the game. Thanks to cousin Jim for the tickets!
 Grandma and Grandpa's garden still has tomatoes to pick. This was my favorite part of the weekend.
 Grandpa gave us a lot of veggies. 
 Jim, Jenna and Nate and their baby Adam came to visit us. 
 We went to Clark Lake for a few hours to enjoy the wonderful weather. 
 Here's Grandpa and I taking a walk on the pier.
 We had a great time in Michigan!