Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A few pictures

Here are a few pictures of us last week.

I like playing the saxophone. Tyler likes my music.

So smiley.

Here I am with my brother. In case you were wondering, he's feet don't stink.

Oh no, rice is everywhere.

Sorry Mommy.

Tyler was sound asleep with his arm out the other night. Too funny.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!
Tyler and I were holding hands and then he fell over on me.
Tyler: What is my big brother doing?

I'm rad like Dad!
Daddy is so funny!

Go Blue!

Tyler's first time in the Bumbo. He liked it.

Bye Bye Bees

The bees were still there when we got home this weekend. Daddy was so brave and took another picture. Mommy called a beekeeper this morning and they sent a lady over right away.
This was the first swarm she has collected. She did a great job. She captured the queen bee right away and then most of them went in the box. She estimated there were about 50,000 bees. Mommy was way off with her estimate of 1,000.
There are still a few bees left and we hope they find their way back to their original hive. We will stay inside today and venture out when they are all gone.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Bees !!!

We came home from playgroup today to a swarm of bees. There must be 800 - 1000 bees outside our back door. You can hear the buzzing from the door. Amazing and scary. 

Cookies and Animals

Here I am enjoying a cookie at the Lakehouse. I'm sitting in Tyler's seat. Mom got a picture of my fake smile, Cheese.

I was watching Daddy paint the wood for our new dock. 
One morning I didn't want to leave one animal in my bed. I had to take all of them downstairs with me. 

Mommy lined them all up to go back upstairs for my nap. 
Tyler is smiling one minute and so serious the next. 

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Toy

Hey Mom!

Tyler: Mom, get him off, help!

Matthew: Tyler, are you okay? You need to grow faster so we can wrestle. 

Here is Tyler's new toy. We both love it. 

Tyler, it's my turn to go through the tunnel. Tyler loves the red bird. 

Tyler, this is how you play with these toys. See, like this. 
I love my bro. 
Daddy and I made ice cream this weekend at the lakehouse. We put in lots of chocolate chips. 
Bath time, still love it. 
Tyler is getting stronger.