Monday, August 17, 2009

Ocean City

We took a quick trip to Ocean City this weekend to see the Smith family.

Here we are heading to the beach. Uncle Bill brought the big boat. I didn't really like it after the first wave. I was a little scared.
I loved the ocean and the waves.

I got to meet my new cousin Reed. He just turned one.

Here is our spot on the beach at 1st Street.

Since we didn't like the boat too much, we filled it up with water and played in there.

Tyler got to stick his toes in the water. He liked it.

I was so tired, I fell asleep waiting for food.
I had a lot of fun with Katie and Reed. Katie let me play with her leapster and we played memory.

Then we jumped on the couch.
She also taught me how to use an iphone. I think Mommy needs to get one.

The boardwalk was a lot of fun.
Daddy went with me on the balloons first. Wendy and Katie were in the balloon next to us. They were spinning fast.

Katie and I went on the boats together.

Reed and Tyler were too little to ride the rides. Next year.
We rode the train with our Daddy's. And I got to ride a fire truck.
I think the cars were my favorite.

Here I am holding hands with Katie on the boardwalk.

Our parents are so nice, we got to have dessert before dinner. We love Kohr's Brothers.
Reed wishes he could have some.
I also got to meet my new cousin Abigail. She's so tiny and beautiful.
Katie and I ate dinner together, she liked giving me kisses.
Here we are on top floor, looking over Ocean City.

Our last time at 849.

Corn on the Cob

Here I am eating corn on the cob for the first time. I loved it.
I'm just like Daddy!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

My school had graduation for 6 children today, moving onto Kindergarten. My class came in to sing 2 Michael Jackson songs; We are the World and Heal the World.

I'm in the middle wearing the World on my little costume. You can see the graduates in the back.

I saw Mommy and then almost started to cry. You can see in the picture below, I'm holding out my hands, wanting a hug from someone.
My friend Dylan didn't want to be a part of the song. He sat in the back with his Mommy and brother Daniel and my Mommy.
Here is a little video of the kids singing. Of course I just stood there.