Saturday, April 27, 2013

Spring Break 2013

We went to Michigan to visit Grandma and Grandpa for spring break. I got to make lots of cookies. 
 We showed Grandpa some of our toys. 
 It rained every day we were there so we went bowling. 
 We really enjoyed it. 

 Mommy won! 
It was fun to get to wear bowling shoes. 
 Grandma took us to the children's museum in Albion. 
 We were the only people in the museum for a while. It was so nice to have the place to ourselves. 
Nathan found this hat and loved it. 

 Nathan really enjoyed playing with the water. 
 What a great day! Thanks Grandma!
We went to Ann Arbor for lunch. 
 Silly Face!
 Walking the street at University of Michigan. It was really cold!

Tyler's 4th Birthday

Happy Birthday Tyler!
 Nana got him a ninja costume. He LOVES it. 
 We had his party at a gym. 
 Tyler loved having his friends there. Here's Daniel, Aiden and Dylan. 
 Most of his friends are from his class. 

 He loved his Spider Man party. 

 This is his hat that they made at school for him. 
 Nana and Papa got him a punching bag. 
 We all love it. 
 It's also a swing. 
 It's so fun!
Mommy made all my friends that came to my party a superhero cape. Everyone loved them and Ty was so excited. 

March 2013

Liberty State Science Center again! They opened a Curious George exhibit. We loved it. 
 Welcome to George's apartment. 
 Sliding from the rocket. 
 Welcome Tyler!
 Elevator closed. 
Nate wasn't too excited to sit next to George. 
 Then he came around and gave him some more. 

 Ty's playing golf. 
 At the farm. Nate tried to get in all the animal cages. 

 Yeah Curious George!
 They also had an Avatar exhibit. It was a little scary but fun. 
 Big boots for Mommy.

 Ty was brave and did the touch tank. 
 Nathan loved the ball.
 I tried rock climbing.
 Go Magic!
 Green Eggs and Ham day at school. They were yummy.
 I had to get tubes in my ears again. 
 I was very brave!
 Here's Tyler and Nathan getting ready to help Mommy in the kitchen.