Saturday, March 31, 2012

Sesame Place

Nathan is 4 months old!
We went to Sesame Place a few days after Christmas. The best part is that there is a Chick-fil-a right next to Sesame Place. We had lunch there and then went into the park.
It was freezing out but we were able to see some of our favorite people.

We love Elmo!

And we got to watch the night time parade and see all the Christmas decorations. We had a great time.
Here's just a random picture of Nathan. So sweet!
Here's Daddy after his Urgent Care visit, he broke his toe when he fell down the stairs. He had to wear a boot and carry a cane. :)

Merry Christmas

Nathan's first Christmas!

After Christmas Eve service we got to open one present.

Tyler and I opened the presents we got each other. We were so happy.

Santa left our stockings outside our room so we opened them in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
We came down the stairs and saw that Santa had come to our house!!!

We got lots of presents.

Tyler got some new clothes!

Here's Daddy cutting the turkey.

We also made Christmas cookies and decorated them. Ty didn't make it through dinner.
Christmas day we took a bike ride around the park with my new bike.
We got a fake mustache and loved it.

Daddy looks a little scary with it.

Nathan dressed up like Santa! So cute!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Crazy December

December was a crazy month. Mommy's c-section scar opened again and she had to go to the urgent care center to get treated. She was fine and it didn't hurt that much. Then a few days later Nathan had to go to the ER because he got RSV. Here's his nebulizer treatment he had to have a few times a day. He did great! Then Mommy got mastitis and had to go to the Urgent Care center and the ER for an IV. We were all exhausted after that crazy week.
Mommy, Daddy and Nathan were able to squeeze in a party. Mommy's friend Sarah had a surprise party and they had a great time.

I was very proud of my nativity that I set up all by myself. Mommy took this picture of all of us one afternoon.

Nathan quickly recovered from his RSV. Thank goodness.

Ty and I decorated Nate with stickers one day.
We also decorated our car for Christmas. Tyler likes to ride on the back.

I love holding Nathan and dressing him up.

I had a holiday party at school with all my friends.
We love Nathan!

We got to meet Santa. I told him I wanted a dog.

After meeting Santa we took a ride with the horses.

We made a gingerbread house this year.
Here's the final gingerbread house.