Monday, November 29, 2010

Early winter

Loving my brother in church.

Ty and I love to play outside church along the Delaware River.

Look at Ty's crazy hair.

Look, Ty has a stick.

Ty has this crazy hair and this long tail. So funny.

Walking around the lakehouse before it gets too cold.
Tyler got into some chocolate. He loved it.
Now Ty's a monkey with a banana in his mouth. Funny guy.
Here's some of my artwork.
Mommy and Daddy painted the living room at the lakehouse so Ty and I tried to help dust and paint.

Here I am painting with Mommy.
Howdy Cowboy Tyler.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Halloween

We went to the Halloween parade downtown and saw our friends. I was a train conductor and Tyler was a dragon. Here's Gavin looking in to see if Tyler's in that dragon head.

Tyler loved Daniel's Elmo costume and Daniel loved Ty's costume. It was so cute watching them look at each other.
Daddy met us and we walked his bike home.
Where am I?

We are ready for bed Mom.

Tyler loves wearing Daddy's shoes.
We went to a pumpkin carving party/birthday party.

The girls were really impressed with Daddy's carving.

They had a roller coaster there. I loved going down with my hands up.
Our neighbors had a party before trick-or-treating. Then all the kids went trick-or-treating together. Tyler and I loved it!

Day's later I went through all my candy and organized it.

More organizing.

Halloween Parties

We had a Halloween party for our playgroup. We made cookies and had everyone decorate them. Here's Ty and I trying the cookies. There was two Mickey Mouses' and two Spidermans.

Here are my friends decorating pumpkin and the letter P cookies.

We had a great party.
Tyler ate this blue yogurt and got it everywhere.

My school had a Halloween party for us. Tyler and Mommy got to come to the party.

I tried to get Ty to go into the tunnel. It was fun having Ty at school.
The next day was that Halloween Parade at school. Mommy made these orange jack-o-lanters for my class. Everyone loved them.
Tyler wanted to sit at the table with me and my friends and have a snack.

My friend Russel was Thomas the Train and I was the conductor. Here I am with lining up in my classroom.

Here I am in the parade.