Saturday, April 23, 2011

Last days of Spring Break

Our last day in Florida we went to Little 500 again. So much fun!

Tyler got to hold Kinleigh again, he didn't mind her crying. He really wanted to help.

Our attempt to take a picture of all the grandkids.
Tamara and Kinleigh.

Papa let us practice our easter egg hunting skills. Once Tyler opened an egg and found a jelly bean his egg hunting stopped.
Papa and his egg hunters.


Thanks to Uncle Stephen again we got to go to SeaWorld too. We loved Shamu.

We got to feed the sting rays but I was too scared to touch them.
I'm still too short to ride the rides by myself.
Laurie rode a ride with me. I was a little scared during it.

Tyler did the ropes again and this time he enjoyed it.

We found another spray ground. Here's Logan shooting me with water right in the face. It was so fun.
Dinner at SeaWorld with the gang.

Tyler and Ryder really enjoyed talking to each other in their strollers. I was a little scared at some of the shows but Nana helped me. Thanks Nana.

Universal Studios

Thanks to Uncle Stephen we all went to Universal Studios. Papa and Mommy took Ryder, Tyler and I later in the morning, here we are in the parking lot getting ready to go for the day. We spent a lot of the day in Seuss Landing.

We did the merry-go-round and watched a Dr. Seuss show.

I got to meet the Cat in the Hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2.

I also got to meet Sam I Am. Tyler got to hug Sam I Am.

Here's the crew for lunch.

We climbed the ropes and found a spray ground.

Reid and Logan shared a turkey leg. Yum.
Watch out - a Dinosaur!
We are superheros.

Spring Break

For Spring Break we went to Florida to meet our new cousin Kinleigh. Daddy had to stay home to work so we rode the airplane with Mommy. We were so excited.

We really enjoyed flying JetBlue and listening to music and watching TV.
Here's Nana and I making lunch.
The Florence boys and Laurie flew down too. Here's Laurie and Nana with baby Kinleigh.
Tyler and Ryder loved playing with each other.

There were oranges still on the tree so we got to pick them and make orange juice.
One day we went to visit Great Nana Jane. Carson really wants to learn how to play the violin so Nana Jane gave him her's. It's very old so we had to be very careful with it.

Here's our attempt to take a picture with all the boys.

The Florence boys took me on a walk one morning.
We went to Little 500 to race. We got to do a few laps. Stephen and Ryder met us there so we all got to ride. Ty and I rode with Papa and Nana and Laurie. Thanks for driving with us. We had so much fun. The Florence boys got to drive by themselves.

Here we are waiting for our last run of the day.

We went swimming in the spool a lot.
Here's Papa and PJ (Papa Junior).
Ryder and Tyler played a lot together.
Stephen got us tickets to a jazz festival one night. Tyler and I really enjoyed listening to the music. Thank goodness we had VIP seats, there were thousands of people there. You can see them all behind us.

Kinleigh with her Daddy.

We loved holding baby Kinleigh.
She is so sweet.

We had a party for Jacque and Michael Kormanicki's 40th wedding anniversary.

Here's our attempt to take a picture with Ryder. Didn't really work so well.