Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Birthday 3rd Matthew!

It's my 3rd Birthday!

Nana and Papa came to visit us on my birthday. Here I am at the airport, ready to party. I wore my hat the entire time we waited. Everyone in the airport loved it.

They are here!!!

I opened a few presents, I love my new laptop.
Mommy made me Elmo cupcakes. I loved them.

I helped make my birthday dinner.
Here comes my cupcake!

Happy Birthday to me!

Ty liked his hat too.
We went to a children's museum for my birthday party. It was so much fun.

Everyone got a train hat, bandana and train whistle.
We went to the train area and listened to a story. I loved my party with all my friends.

Tyler really wanted to help me unwrap my presents.

Nana and Papa helped me with my presents.

Right before my birthday was my last day at my school, Village Babies. Here I am with my favorite teacher, Ms. Mo Mo. I really miss her already.

Brotherly Love

I love playing with my brother.
Here is Ty eating his first apple.

Tyler is walking now, about 5 to 10 steps at a time. He is very proud of himself.
Howdy Cowboy!

Ty and I love this toy. Mom is a little nervous but it's so fun.

Another Cowboy!
Traffic Jam!
Here we are, riding the see saw and wearing our aprons.
Sometimes Tyler gets so tired at church, he falls asleep on the way home.

My Gym days

For a few months this spring we went to My Gym every week. Ty and I loved it. Here are some pictures of our last day.

Balls and more balls!

Ty is saying, 'Matt get off!'
Stairs! This is where Ty would spend most of his time at My Gym.

We got to swing too.

Sometimes Ty and I would run into each other.
Mom and Dad got a picture of sleeping and almost falling off the bed.
Ty being funny!