Monday, May 16, 2011

Winter Break

I had a week long winter break so we went to the Florence's for a few days. They showed us how to play Rock Band.

They helped me learn how to play the guitar and drums.
Tyler loved the microphone.

Tyler tried to play with the biggest nerf gun the Florence boys had. He managed to pick it up but he couldn't shoot it.
Ty and I got right into the nerf gun wars.
Carson dressed us up as an Ohio Buckeye. Daddy was not very happy when he saw these pictures.

Daddy's Birthday

Mommy is really behind on pictures but here's Daddy's birthday in February.

We got Daddy a Wii for his birthday and he got some new shoes. Tyler loved trying them out.

Tyler and I love playing the Wii.
Tyler and I gave Daddy the Hungry Hungry Hippo game for his birthday. We love playing with him.

Happy Birthday Daddy!
This winter was difficult at the lakehouse. One weekend the entire driveway was covered in ice. It was so hard to get up and down. Our groceries just slid down the driveway, it was really funny. Luckily no one broke a bone that weekend.

Liberty State Science Center

In March we went to the Liberty State Science Center. We had fun playing with rice.
Painting with water.

We loved this interactive video. We spent a long time here. And here's Tyler trying to blow a big bubble.

I loved this air blower.
Here's Daddy and Ty looking at something.
I got to pretend I was a construction worker.
Here's Tyler and I trying to figure out a forklift thing. We were discussing how to move the blocks.

Tyler is a robot and I'm an astronaut. We had a great time.