Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Go Blue! I was a Michigan football player for Halloween this year.
Here is Mommy getting me ready.

On Friday we went to the Halloween parade in our town. Here I am with my friend Dylan, the ghost.

Here I am with my friend Bram and his Mommy. His Daddy was dressed up and he really scared me so I'm a little upset in these pictures.
Cheese! Here I am with my little elephant. Can you believe Mommy could wear the helmet?

We went to a neighbor's house for a party after the parade. They loved playing with my little elephant.

Here's Molly and I on the sit and spin. We loved it!
My little elephant fell asleep at the party.
He woke up when we walked home and he was so happy.
Here we are this morning. Just playing.
Tyler is learning how to cheese.

I love my brother.
Ty was really interested in Daddy's blackberry today.
Here we are at lunch.

We went to a place called 'HLS', that's Papa's initials. We love it there.
I love hanging out there and lining up my candy.

TY Swinging

Matt playing soccer

My Brother and Me

Here I am rocking Ty in his car seat. I pulled up my chair so I could relax and rock.

Ty is getting up on his hands and knees and rocking.
We are trying to get him to crawl by using this football.
Mom and Dad finally put us in the bath together.

I loved pouring water on him, until he wanted to do the same to me.
That's okay Ty, I'll just give you a hug.

I'm teaching him how to splash.
We went on the swings together too.
This was Ty's first time on the swings. He loved it.
I played a little soccer the other day.

I went to the playground with my friend Dylan and his little brother Daniel.

Here's Ty with Daniel.
I found some of Mom's underwear and thought it looked like a nice hat. Don't worry, it was clean.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Cold Weekend

This weekend it snowed on the way to the lakehouse. We had to pull out our sweaters.

Ty is so handsome.
I love my brother!
Ty, I'm behind you.
Grandma made me this sweater when I was Ty's age. He looks good in it.
Here I am in front of the Delaware River.
I love Mommy!
Ty is now sitting in my old high chair.
I set up a little audience for my harmonica performance. I think my blocks and toys liked it.
Ty is old enough to play in my old activity/jumping center. He loved it. I tried to get in to show him how to play with it, but he figured it out.

He loves being in there and bouncing.

I helped Daddy film Ty in the activity center.

Whoa, Ty, where are you? He was like this for 5 mins before we looked over and figured out he couldn't see. He still enjoyed his toy. :)
I got my haircut last week and Mommy let me play on the toys in the mall.
Ty is wearing Carson's old PJs. Thanks Carson.