Friday, September 10, 2010

NJ County Fair

The fair was in town and we stopped on the way home from the lakehouse a few weekends ago. There was a place we could make our own playing cards. Ty took his picture there.

We saw cows and horses.

I got to ride a tractor and pick some fake apples.

Ty rode the fake horse and I milked a fake cow. :)
I also did some grocery shopping. Ty and I loved it.

We saw all the ducks and birds. Ty wanted to touch all of them.
There were also model trains. I loved that part.

It started raining so I got to use my Thomas umbrella.
Here's Ty loving chocolate ice cream!

We wrapped Tyler in Daddy's coat to keep him from the rain.
We had a great time!
I passed out before we left the parking lot.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ocean City August 2010

This summer we had our family reunion in Ocean City, NJ. We had great weather and went to the beach every day. Tyler and I loved the sand and the waves. The best thing was spending it with our cousins. Here's the whole crowd and all the boys flocking around the food.

We liked to dig holes. Here we are digging and playing in the hole.
The sand didn't bother Tyler at all. He would fall right into the sand and keep going. Here's our cousin Abby, she is a few months younger than Ty.

Tyler loved to fall down in the sand. Here's Ryder sitting with Papa, putting his toes in the water.

Reid and Mom had some time together and went on the ferris wheel.
One morning we had breakfast on the boardwalk.

Carson took care of me.
Here's Nana and I walking down the beach. The Florence boys learned how to skim board, they loved and were really good.

The Florence boys!
Mom and Dad let me have the camera. Here are some of my pictures.

These pictures are pretty good.

Here's Uncle Stephen playing with Ry and Ty. Aunt Laurie read me some books.
The TV rarely came on, that's why we are so focused.

Mack and Manco's pizza!! We love it! Tyler really liked eating it with Papa.

Daddy and Tyler hanging out in the Music Pier.

Florence's are Home

The Florence's moved back to the states this summer. We saw them for the first time in two years in Ocean City. Here's Nana and I waiting for them on the sidewalk.

Yeah, they made it to Ocean City!

Tyler was checking Papa's heart. Wanted to make sure it was still pumping. Here we are with more cousins. We had a great time!
Aunt Tamara got us matching bathingsuits. We are so cute.
Ryder was fun to play with!

Here's Ryder showing Tyler how to start the party.
Ryder and Tyler rode a lot of rides together.

I warmed up after a while and started riding rides.

Look how high I am!

Logan and Reid really took care of us.
Here they are getting us strapped into the stroller. Here's Tyler eating cotton candy for the first time. I think he liked it.

Papa and his brother, Uncle Bill. I got to get my own ice cream. I like the vanilla and orange twist.

Tyler was exhausted after rides and ice cream. Ryder loves his Momma.
The Kornmanicki's came to Ocean City too. Here we are with their family.