Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fishing and Hiking

We have had a lot of fun fishing with Daddy! 
 Here's Tyler's first fish of the year. 
 Brother's fishing! This is just the beginning. 
 Mommy went to Ms. Tara's baby shower. We can't wait to meet her little girl!
 We didn't really want to take a picture. 
 We went to the Watchung Reservation. 
 They have a great little science center. Here we are in an Indian hut. 
 Nathan enjoyed the science center too. 
 We went hiking in the Watchung Reservation. 
 Nathan kicks his feet and laughs during the entire hike. 
 Nathan loves hiking too. 
 Look at those teeth coming through. 
 Nathan loves the bath and wants to get in with us. 

 Mommy got a few hours off and got to go into the city to see Ms. Marcia who was visiting one weekend. We wish we could all go into the city. 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Nathan falling asleep

Beginning of June

Nathan's second tooth came in! 
 Here's the first tooth. Now he can grind them! It sounds great.
 Here's Ty walking around the baseball diamond. 
 Nathan loves the swings. 
 He loves when I push him fast. 
 Here I am washing Ty's feet. Mommy read us the story of how Jesus washed his disciples feet so I decided wash Ty Ty's. They were really dirty. 
 We had to move up to the stairs because they were so dirty. I had to be close to the bathroom. 
 Mommy walked into the kitchen and found Nathan standing! He loves to stand. 
 We went to a concert in the park one weekend. Nathan loved it. 
 Mom, Ty and Nate are waiting for me at speech and Nathan loves to crawl up the couch. 
 Look at him go, he's spiderman. 

Matt's Birthday!

Nate's wearing a jean jacket! Handsome!
 Mom asked Ty to go up and get a new shirt and he came down with Nathan's Elmo shirt. 
 Go Blue!
 Goofy went grocery shopping!
 Another Goofy!
 I celebrated my birthday at school!
 My friends at school helped me blow out the pretend candles. 
 Mom brought popsicles for our special treat. 
 Here I am at show and share in front of my class. 
 This is one of my best friend's William. 
 Here we are playing on the playground. 
 Mom made me a Lego cake for my Lego party. 
 Happy Mother's Day! We took Mom to the beach.

 It was a little windy so Ty and I had to hold down the umbrella. 
 Happy Mother's Day Mom!
 We love climbing with our friends. 
 We had some great days in May. 
 We are so lucky to have the Dunsmore's live here for a few years. I got to go to Will's 6th birthday party. We went rock climbing. 
 Here I am getting ready to climb. 
 It was a little hard but I enjoyed it. 
 Whoa, here I am coming down. 
 Mayfest. Ty was climbing on a pole and eating a funnel cake at the same time. Very talented. 
 We got to do some boxing. Ty couldn't even lift up the glove. 
 Loved the horse ride. 
 Ty's first ride on a horse. He really loved it. 
Ty found a new reading spot.  
 After swimming lessons we are wiped out.