Saturday, March 16, 2013

January 2012 Random pictures

Tyler with his candle.
 Silly Smile.
 Out with Daddy getting a cookie. 
 Mr. Fireman
 Look at Nathan sleeping. Silly guy. Don't worry, Mommy moved him and he stayed asleep. 
 Daddy in his new Darth Vader pajamas. 
 Mom took this picture of me and Kermit sound asleep. 
 Sledding at the lakehouse. 
 We have turned the double stroller into the quad stroller. Mommy pushes all 4 boys to school. She is getting very strong. Our favorite is when we count down and Mommy blasts off. 
 Look at the attack of the killer cat, Nathan. Mommy needs to cut his nails.
 Nate can balance his plate on his head. 
 Here's Nate watching Ty and I have our swimming lesson. 
 Another morning where Nate fell asleep in the car and Mom took him upstairs. 
 Our passport photos. Actually Nathan had to take another one because you can't see his ears in this picture. 
 I'm learning how to read so I really like reading to Ty. 
 Do you think Nathan is too big to face backwards? Look at his poor legs. Too bad he has 8 more months of this, he can't turn forward until he is 2. 

Friday, March 15, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas Eve at Morrow Methodist Church. We love the petting area before the children's service. Nathan loved the ducks. 
 Tyler decided he wanted to dress up as a lamb for the Nativity. 
 This little lamb pushed his way right up to the front next to the manger. He was so protective of baby Jesus. 
 Here's Mom reading our Christmas Eve story. 
Santa came! Here we are getting our stockings. 
 Yeah, new a new toothbrush!
 Nathan was so excited to get Cookie Monster!
 Santa ate some of our cookies and milk. 
 Santa brought Tyler just what he wanted, Bucky the pirate ship. 
 We were all so excited to play with Bucky. 
 Nate's saying 'Mom, I can finish Santa's cookies, right?'
 More presents. 
 Check out Daddy's new snow boots. 

 Tyler and I put all our presents on the stairs. We were so excited!
 Playing star wars angry birds. 

 Nathan's wearing my shoes. 

 Nathan loves the drums. 
 Christmas dinner picture. I did not want my picture taken, I was too tired. 


 Nathan has been so sleepy in the mornings, Mommy can transfer him from the car into his bed and he stays asleep. 
 Look at that handsome guy.
On a half day of school Mommy took me out to lunch. We got to sit at the bar at the Village Burger place. 
 Just Mommy and me, it was a great lunch. 
 Look at those curls! 
 Nate loves to squat. 

 Such a happy guy.
 Ty and I were playing Mary and Baby Jesus. Ty was Baby Jesus and I was Mary. Do you like his manger?