Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Mommy says that I'm talking more since I started school. This past week I started singing. Here I am singing one of my favorite songs 'Hallelujah'.

Mommy's birthday weekend

Last weekend was Mommy's birthday. We went swimming in the lake for the first time. Tyler and I loved it. We were laughing the entire time. And look at how close the ducks were to us.

Tyler loved relaxing with Mommy.

Tyler loves hats. This week he put on this hat backwards and it looked like he was wearing a bonnet.
Ty and I have been playing together a lot.
Tyler is chasing me in the picture below.
Our babysitter Hilary went away for the rest of the summer. We are really going to miss her. Tyler loved her so much that he often fell asleep on her. He never does that.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Bigelow Family Visit!

Our neighbors, the Bigelow family in Maplewood came to the lakehouse a few weeks ago. Molly and Ian had a great time swimming and fishing. We all tried to sit down to eat, we probably lasted 15 mins.
I really grew closer to Molly. Oh yeah, I'll slide over!

Getting closer!

Score, she likes me too, so I took her down to the lake to feel the water. She is so cute!

Tyler and I hanging out by the lake.

We went fishing. This was Coleman's first fish.

Then we had ducks visit us. Look how close they got to us.
Molly's Dad, Coleman, caught the biggest bass we have ever seen from our lake. Good job Coleman!
Here we are on the boats.

We love Mommy and Daddy!
We helped make dinner.
We had fun playing in the box. We hope they come back another weekend.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Allison visits!

Mommy's friend, Allison, came to visit! We went to Maplewoodstock which is a big concert in the park.

While she was in town we did a little shopping.
Here I am reading to Tyler at the book store.
Tyler really loves Allison, really he does. We both love her and miss her very much.
Tyler started following me. Now he likes to push up the chair to the kitchen counter and tries to help.

I'm cutting an apple. Oh, I started potty training. Now I wear big boy underwear. I don't like to wear shorts around the house, just my big boy undies.
Howdy partner!

Ty loves hats.
Ty is a serious cowboy!

Another rash

The week after we found out Ty was allergic to penicillin, we got another rash and fever. This time it was the coxsackie virus. Both of us had it, another week staying indoors. It's awful during the summer to be stuck inside.

4th of July

Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Cathy and Scarlett came to visit over 4th of July weekend. We had so much fun playing with Scarlett. Here we are having ice cream.
Tyler didn't want to share his milkshake with me. Can you tell?
We went to church on the 4th.
We went to Narrowsburg, NY.

The Delaware river is behind us.

Daddy took us on the kayak. We were ready!
Scarlett loved the lake and going on the kayak.

Grandma and Grandpa got to go on the kayak too.

Tyler loves watermelon!

We made cookies with Grandma.
Grandma got us a sit n stand, so fun!

Bath time was like a party.
The lakehouse was really hot that weekend.
Tyler had corn on the cob for the first time. He loved it but it made him tired.

I have flakes from the corn all over my face. It was so yummy.