Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wendy visits

Cousin Wendy came out to the lakehouse with us this weekend. We had so much fun.

Daddy and I went fishing. We caught the first fish of the year.

I was a little nervous of the fish.

Mommy and Wendy went kayaking and then Wendy got in the lake.

She was pulling out weeds and Daddy was supervising.

Wendy then went all the way in and went swimming. The water wasn't too cold. Mommy and Wendy enjoyed watermelon margaritas too.

In case anyone was wondering, my shirt is true, 'I still live with my parents'.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I have the best Dad ever. We had fun celebrating Father's Day. I got to watch him hit some balls at the driving range. He can hit them really far and straight. I can't wait till I can play with him. Then we took him to a new restaurant, Five Guys, for hamburgers. Daddy loved it.

For Father's Day I got Daddy a playhouse that he can build for me. We will have so much fun playing in there. I'll post some pictures when we build it.

Daddy got me dressed this weekend and put both of my legs in the same hole. I couldn't crawl. Ha ha.

It's bath time!!!

After my bath I got to read some books. I love books, just like my Daddy. I love you Daddy!! Happy Father's Day!!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bandaids and Books

This was taken last month after my 1 year doctors visit. I got a total of 5 shots; one in each limb, 2 on my arm. I was still pretty happy.

The Florence's sent me a box full of books a few weeks ago. Oh, I love books and had so much fun opening it. Thank you.

Uh-Oh Goldfish

Mommy turned around to pick up one goldfish on the floor and I did a little shake. Uh-oh, goldfish everywhere. Yeah!

We went to Hoboken this week so Mommy and Daddy could visit the dentist. It wore me out.

We got to visit my friend Kai and his little brother, Axel. So cute and so tiny.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hot Days

Here we are at the Diner, it was air conditioned. I love it there.

Playing my spoons.

We went to the playground today. I loved walking around the jungle gym.

We went to Liberty State Park yesterday. It was a little too hot but beautiful.

Caron and Laurie enjoyed seeing the Statue of Liberty and NYC. But it was way too hot.

Me and Carson

My cousin Carson and I had so much fun last week. He left today and I already miss him. Look at all the fun we had this week.

Carson was great at helping me walk around.

We even got to take a bath together.