Monday, December 31, 2012

Baby Shower and Christmas Decorations

We went to PA for Wendy's baby shower. We got to visit Uncle Bill and Aunt Jean's house before the party. 
 We got to see Billy at the shower. 
 Wendy and Chris were so great. They let us help them open all their presents. It was so fun!
 Abby loved Tyler. 
 Billy and Wendy!
 Nana and Papa helped us decorate the house for Christmas.
 Ho Ho Ho!
 Papa helped us with the lights. 
 Love for Nana and Papa!
 Brotherly Love!

 Nana and Papa took me to school. Here we are getting ready for the walk. 


Nana and Papa came to visit us for Thanksgiving! Daddy's cousin's Bernie and Tim got us tickets to the Trump Tower to watch the Thanksgiving parade. Cousin Wendy and Chris were able to come too. 

 What great seats! We had to get there at 7:30 but it was worth it. 
 Nana got some Trump Ice water and a homemade dingdong. 
 My favorite was Kermit the Frog. 

 Some firemen talked to Ty. 
 Whoa, watch out for the building Mickey. 
Nate stayed awake for the entire parade. He sat in his stroller the whole time. What a good boy. 
 We went back to Tim, Bernie and LuLu's house for Thanksgiving dinner. 
 The newlyweds, Chris and Wendy! 

 Dinner was excellent. 
 Thanks to Tim and Bernie for having us. 
 I was asleep before we walked out of the door. 
 Nathan was asleep once we walked outside. 
 Nana and I in front of the Lincoln Center. 
Nana set up an office for me in the attic. I love my office, Thanks Nana!

November 2012

Leaves, leaves, and more leaves! 

 November was crazy. After the snow we had some beautiful days. 

 We conquered the top of the rock!
 Then more snow. 
 Walking to school in the snow. 
 Snow Angel!

 Dinner out!

More Halloween

More pictures from the fall

 During Hurricane Sandy we had our neighbors over. Here are Chase and Ty putting on a show.
 Finally we got some firewood. 
 Yeah! A fire!
 We had a few hurricane parties. Casey and his brothers came to visit. 
 Ty is so handsome.
 Our perfect pumpkin. 

Look at our sweet elephant.