Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Great weather in June

Tyler is a crazy man. He put on these ears and asked Mom to help him with the sunglasses.
The weather at the lakehouse has been great. Cold at night, warm during the day. Here's Tyler and I eating breakfast on the porch. Then Daddy got in the lake in the afternoon.

I was going to go into the lake but it was a little too cold for me so I went fishing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Thomas the Train

Our family picture in front of Thomas the Train.
Here I am driving up to Thomas. I was so happy and so excited!
We took a ride on Thomas. Tyler and I had a great time.

There were more trains to ride. We met Sir Topham Hatt but I was too scared to get close.

We also took a ride on this little steam train.
There's Thomas again. Tyler and I were statues whenever Thomas came into the station.

I couldn't get enough of Thomas.
Tyler really enjoyed watching Thomas too.
We stayed at a great hotel. We played horseshoes and went swimming .

We had a picnic outside near the lake.
We all slept in the same room.

We saw lots of horse and buggy's.

More fun at the hotel.

Ty's saying, 'what's this dirt on my hands?'

Dutch Wonderland

Last weekend we drove to Lancaster, PA to go to Dutch Wonderland and see Thomas the train. Tyler was all ready to go after breakfast with his train hat on. Here we are in front of Dutch Wonderland.

Right when we walked into Dutch Wonderland, there was a train. I loved it.

Then we went on a few rides.

I even got to milk a cow. Well, it was a plastic cow but I loved it.
Tyler met some Amish folks.
We ate lots of pretzels.
Tyler and I rode the merry-go-round.

We spent most of our time on this train ride. I think I went on it 8 times.

More rides. It was great that Tyler was able to ride some of the rides.

More train!
I loved our day at Dutch Wonderland. It was a hot day but worth it. I can't wait to go back.