Sunday, September 23, 2012

First Day of School

My first day of Kindergarten was Sept 6, 2012. Here's Mommy giving me lots of hugs.
Tyler was a little tired.

 Nathan was excited to have Mommy to himself.
 Tyler's first day of preschool was the same day. He goes to Open Door Nursery and has Ms. Randazza.
 I think Mom is really going to miss me.
 We met up with our friend Gavin on the walk to school.
 Walking into the playground to meet our teacher.
 Here's my teacher, Mr. Barba. I'm so excited!
 Here I am, all lined up and ready to walk into my first day of Kindergarten.
 Tyler was a little late the first day but he made it to his school.
 Mommy had a little boo hoo breakfast party after we went to school. She was really sad so she had her friends come over to keep her company.
 We got free ice cream after our first day.
 We played on the playground a little after school too. 
 Here I am with my friends, waiting at the corner for Mom to cross the street.
 I had a great first day!

Last Days of Summer

We went to the pool at lot at the end of our summer break. Here I am with my friend Dylan.
 We got choco tacos! Yummy!
We went to Vacation Bible School the last week of summer. We LOVED it!

We had a few dance parties too.

Happy Birthday Nathan!

Nathan turned one year old! Here we are after church.
 We like to help Nathan learn to walk.
 Nathan loved all the cards, thank you!
 Skyping with Nana
 We helped Nathan open all his presents. 
 Nate is such a happy boy.
 We helped Mom bake his cake.
 Mom let me frost the cake.
 Here's the finished cake.
 Happy Birthday Nathan!

 At first he didn't know what to do with the cake.

 Then he really got into it!
 Nathan didn't want to stop eating it.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Intrepid Museum

To celebrate Nathan's first birthday we went into NYC to the Intrepid Museum. 
 Happy Birthday Nathan!

 The Enterprise space shuttle is there!
 We were so excited to see it!

Here we are going up to the bridge of the aircraft carrier. 
 This was so cool!
 We walked around and saw lots of airplanes. 
 Nathan was the only one wanting to take a picture. 
 We really enjoyed it because there were things for us to climb on.

 Captain Tyler!
 Hey Tyler, are you awake down there? 
They had a model of the Intrepid in Legos! 
 Here I am giving directions.
 There was a cruise ship parked next to the aircraft carrier, very cool. I wanted to jump on.
 Here's the concord. 
 We stopped for a snack underneath the concord. 
 It's Papa Junior!