Tuesday, April 27, 2010

More fun with Elefun

Here we are having more fun!

Fun with Dylan

Dylan came over to play this week and we had so much fun playing Elefun.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Matt Singing

The Easter Bunny brought me a microphone for Easter. Here I am singing.

Weekend Fun

I went to Jack's birthday party the other weekend. We had fun!

Tyler and I like to work on our car together.

Mommy and Ty had to take the car to get new tires. Here he is waiting.

I'm the King!

Tyler has been biting. Can you see the teeth marks on my arm?

We went to Walmart this weekend and I got to walk around. I found this hat that I loved.

I almost made Mommy buy it for me but it said 'Jesse James' so she refused to buy it.

More NYC

Mommy and Tyler went into the city one day while I was at school. They got to have lunch with Daddy.

Ty road the train with his buddy Daniel. They enjoyed Time Square and were exhausted after lunch.

Daddy and I made cinniamon rolls this weekend.

They turned out great!

Ty and I love playing in our box.


Auto Show

Last week we went to the Auto Show in NYC. Mommy took us on the train to meet Daddy. We were blessed when our friend Dylan and his Mommy showed up on the same train.

Dylan and I loved riding on the train together.

Here we are in the big city.

I loved sitting in all the different cars. They even had a little entertainment.

Here's Mom and I sitting in the new Sienna seats, they have a footrest, so comfy.

Here's Ty and I waiting for a show to start.

Look at Tyler driving.

We will take a picture just like this in about 14 years.

I loved looking at the ambulance.

Tyler had a good time in the cars too.

And look who we ran into.

See the Empire State building behind us? We are heading to the train station.

Our train ride home with Daddy.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Auto Show NYC

We went to the auto show in NYC last night. Tyler and I had a great time. We will post more pictures later. This is a free photo we got when we played in the Jeep. It's a pretty good family shot.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter

Grandma and Grandpa came to celebrate Easter.

The Easter bunny brought me Thomas the train.

The Easter bunny brought baskets to Grandma and Grandpa too.

Here we are searching for easter eggs.

Checking our eggs.

Yeah, EGGS!!

Wait, what eggs do you have? I want some of yours. No....

Daddy and Tyler!

Grandma and Ty!

Grandpa and I got walking sticks and went for a hike.

Playing in the box!

It was so hot at the lakehouse Easter weekend that we got play outside with only our diapers on.

Go that way Ty! No, let me drive.

Ty was happy to be outside!

Here we are dying eggs.