Saturday, April 25, 2009

Weekend fun

Ty had his first bottle a few weeks ago. He ate with no problem, he's a Villanueva for sure. Here I am skyping with my family.

I watched my Dad and Grandpa read the Wall Street Journal, I had to see what it was all about. Very interesting.
Ty is growing so fast.
We went to the lakehouse last weekend. The weather was so warm so we went to the park.

I had so much fun on the slide with Daddy.

Tyler one month old

Here's me and Ty when he was one month old.

Tyler has received so many gifts, I love opening them.

I'm a big boy now, I'm sitting at the big table. Fist bump with Daddy.
Grandma and I played a lot when she was here. Thanks for taking care of me Grandma.

Mommy said that I couldn't wrestle with Ty yet. Just for the record, I pinned him first.

Oh, I love my Ty.

I'm just checking on him, making sure he is okay.

Happy Easter

Here I am dying eggs. I really enjoyed it.

The next day we got to decorate the eggs. I really enjoyed pounding them on the table and cracking them. It's so fun.

Hummm, which egg do I want to decorate next?

The Easter bunny visited my house and left some eggs in the backyard. I found all the eggs, my basket was full.
Grandpa and Grandma helped me find some eggs.
Grandpa really enjoyed rocking Tyler.
Look what the Easter bunny left me and Tyler.

Since I'm the big brother, I got to help Tyler with his basket too. Tyler got on my shoulders in the next picture.

Here I am with my family.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I love my Ty

I love my brother so much.

He really likes it when I read to him.

He is really awake here.

I love to give him hugs and just lay with him.

I think he really loves me too.

Here we are after Palm Sunday service.

The service wore me out.

Yummy Sushi

We ordered sushi for dinner the other night with Grandma. I loved using the chopsticks.

Daddy helped me with the chopsticks.

Here is Ty, hanging out.