Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mother's Day

For Tyler and my birthdays the Florence's got us a year pass to the zoo. We took Mom on Mother's day and loved it. Here we are looking at the leopard and feeding the sheep.

There are peakcocks walking all over the zoo. Tyler and Daddy got pretty close to one. We rode the train too.
We went in these holes to see the prairie dogs.
We love Mommy!
One beautiful weekend we went hiking in Pennsylvania to a waterfall.

I love my brother!
Here we are hiking.

On the way home of course we had to stop at Dairy Queen, our favorite.

We crashed right after the ice cream.
Here I am at another soccer practice. Sometimes I don't feel like playing.

Happy Easter

We spent Easter at the lakehouse. We dyed some eggs.

And then decorated them.

The Easter bunny came to our house and brought us lots of toys.

Here's Ty and I watching TV.

After church we drove back to Maplewood to go to Dylan and Daniel's Easter egg hunt. We had all boys there and it was so fun.
I've started playing soccer. Coach Nathan is my coach.

Dylan and Daniel came over for a play date and we played Elefun.

We also watched a little tv while Mommy and Holly made us dinner.

Skiing with the Dunsmore's

We are so luckly to have the Dunsmore's move to NJ this winter. We love having them so close to us. The last skiing weekend of the year they came to the lakehouse. Friday night we arrived at the lakehouse and unexpectedly had no heat. Daddy started a fire in the wood burning stove and we all dressed with as much clothes and went to bed. It was cosy but we survived and woke up early to go skiing. It was a perfect weekend because the ski resort was empty. It was Will's first time skiing and Jack's first time on a snow board. They picked it up with no problem. I really enjoyed following Will down the hill. You can see us in the picture below. I'm in green and Ms. Tara and Will are in red.

Tyler and Mommy stayed at the top of the mountain.

Will and I had to take a few snack breaks. We can't wait till next winter.

Happy 2nd Birthday Tyler

Tyler turned 2. He was very excited!

He loved his cupcakes and his new backpack, just like mine.

He also got a basketball hoop for his birthday.
We already started fighting over the basketball.
Tyler had a pancake birthday party on a Saturday morning. We had all his friends over and had a lot of fun playing.

Nothing like ice cream on a cold day.
Fun streaking times at the lakehouse.