Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End of April 2013

Our good friend Ellie Dunsmore came over for her first playdate with Nathan. 
 Nathan read her a book. 
 Watch out for the super heroes at our house!
 Hurray for some warm weather and dinner outside!
 Here's Ty relaxing at Target. 
 Tyler found some scissors and decided to cut his own hair. 
 Looks like he just wanted to put a big 'V' in the front of his head. Mommy couldn't stop laughing. 
 Uncle Stephen came up to NYC for work. Too bad we couldn't see him but Mom and Dad could. 
 Before speech one day we went for frozen yogurt. Nathan was so happy!
Mom borrowed some clippers from Ms. Tara and decided to shave Ty's hair. 

 You can still see the V but its not too bad. His hair grows really fast. 

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