Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Great Wolf Lodge

On our way home from Michigan we stopped at the Great Wolf Lodge in Ohio. 
 We had a great time playing in the arcade. 
 Going to the story time and show. 
 Here's Nate checking out the animals. 
 Here we are having a snack in our room. 
 Nate is ready to go swimming!
 Here's the view from the third floor where we stayed. 
 We were so lucky to have Grandma, Grandpa and Scarlett go with us. 
 Daddy and Tyler rode the really big water slide. He loved it. Mommy went with him one time. They said it was really fast. 
 Tyler was so brave. He went down all the watersides. 
He even went down the dark slide. 
One of our favorite things to do was play on the log in the big swimming pool. 
We were suppose to be having a nap but we turned it into a pillow fight. 
Nathan was learning all about pillow fights. 

Here's Nathan in the little pool. 
Tyler was able to crawl up on the acorn. 
And then jump off. 
I really loved the lazy river. Scarlett and I would just go around and around. 
Nathan's favorite thing was the little slide. Grandma would stay at the top, Daddy at the bottom and Nate would just run around to go again and again.
Here's Scarlett and Tyler ready for story time in the lobby.
Mommy and I were way in the back for story time. 
Grandma had Nathan and he soon fell fast asleep. 
The next day we did the water park again. Here I am in my favorite pool, the lazy river. 

Nathan soon learned to go backwards on the slide. 
I think Nathan went down this slide 50 times a day. Here he is going down with Tyler. 
Grandpa had fun watching all the action. 
So glad we could spend the trip with Scarlett. 
I didn't want to take my picture here. 

On our way home we stopped at a cute little college town in PA. 
We had yummy pizza and were home in a few hours. What a great spring break. 

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